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The company was set up to offer professional assistance to clients who are busy with their careers and can't find time to do small home repairs - read more >

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Husband to rent has many advantages - small repairs in your home - on evenings and weekends we do extensive renovation works (kitchens, bathrooms and floors); price negotiable - read more >

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Give us a call or contact us using our request form and we will call you back to discuss the details - and relieve your partner from the duty of household repairs - read more >

Husband to rent - has many advantages

Small repairs in your home

- he's loyal and always smiling
- he agrees with you about everything
- he never says "I'm busy"
- he's always only a phone call away

- you can always count on him
- he never argues with you
- he always clears up after himself
- he carries out your orders without question